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FortunePUB's Player Rewards Program

Whenever you play for real money in FortunePUB, you earn Frequent Player Points that can be converted straight to cash and automatically deposited into your account!

How to Earn Frequent Player Points

You earn a fixed number of points for every $10 you play.


Game points earned per $10 wagered
All Slots, and Other Games 1 Frequent Player Point
All Table Games and Video Poker 0.5 Frequent Player Points


Play $10 on one of your favorite table games and you'll earn 0.5 points. If you stake $100, you'll earn 5 points.

Play $10 on your favorite slot game and you'll earn 1 point. Playing up to $100 will earn you 10 points.

There are no limits on the number of points you can earn.


What are Point Specials?

From time to time certain games will earn you even more points than usual. Keep your eyes on your e-mail inbox for information about upcoming point specials.


What are my Frequent Player Points worth?

The points can be converted to cash at any time as long as your Frequent Player Points balance is at least 100 points. You can also earn extra cash by saving up your points and converting them in larger amounts.


Frequent Player Points Conversion Table

Number of Points Claimed Cash Credited
100 Frequent Player Points 1$
1,000 Frequent Player Points $10 + $1 extra
10,000 Frequent Player Points $100 + $20 extra


How do I convert my Frequent Player Points?

Step 1:

Click on convert button in the top header.


Or click on the convert button in game/banner area.


Step 2:
The Frequently Player Points lightbox opens and you can confirm and complete the transaction.


Step 3:

In the top header you can now see that your points have been converted to cash.

When you play for real money in FortunePUB Casino you'll earn Frequent Players Points for every bet you place.
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